How to choose your wedding photographer

After a magical wedding proposal and a pretty engagement ring, place the great adventure of preparations. Once the place of reception and the dress of your dreams found, the choice of the photographer will be at the heart of your concerns. Present at your side throughout the day, preparations for the party, it will be the memory of your most beautiful moments. So to find the rare pearl, no place should be left to chance or approximation! Annabel Law Wedding Photography Singapore gives us the keys to choose the ideal provider!

Choose a photo style

Before you decide, take the time to think about the style you like. There are many schools and as many photographers! You prefer the film to digital, you want to focus on a “reportage” or look instead for more posed photos. Talk with the groom and go around the wedding blogs. They are an excellent source of inspiration and will allow you to have an overview of what exists.

The pictures that make you dream are very contrasting but these pretty soft and ethereal images also seduce you. No hurry! If the best-known photographers can be booked a year in advance, there is no point in making contact until you have a clear idea of ​​the date and location of your ceremony.

Select and compare providers

Once you have found the style that suits you, select 5 to 6 photographers that match what you are looking for. Peel carefully their website and check that you are in phase, including budget. Also linger on the photographer’s presentation. Who is he, what is his experience, how does he talk about his job? If his personality appeals to you and the urge to contact him is immediate, then do not hesitate.

When you send them an email, customize it to the maximum. Talk about yourself, your love story and your expectations. Give as much information as possible about your ceremony: when, where, how many guests. A wedding in Florence in summer with 300 guests is very different from a winter wedding with 60 guests!

Update on the contract

In order to have the most faithful view possible of the photographer’s production, ask him to see a complete report. Some well-chosen photos are not enough to get an idea. How does he manage the light, what his party photos, his portraits look like? Perhaps one of these aspects is more important to you than another, do not neglect it.

Also be sure to immediately clarify with him the contents of his offer. Will there be preparations for the cocktail or until the end of the night with a supplement? Does it offer an album or a gallery where your guests can download the photos for free? How soon will it send you the photos after the big day? All this must be very clear from the start, to avoid unpleasant surprises! You will establish a contract, so take the time to read it carefully.

Organize a meeting

Ideally, arrange an appointment to meet your photographer. If that’s not possible, think about skype! The feeling is essential, the photographer will be by your side during one of the most important days of your life. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable. He will follow you almost everywhere! To trust him enough to forget him is the key!

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