Incredible tent transformations

The types of party tents are just one of the criteria to rely on when buying or renting. Depending on the size of the site where the structure will be located, the number of guests or participants, as well as other factors, the choice can be made according to the following criteria:

  • The size and capacity of the party tent, depending on the scale of the event;
  • Colorsof awning fabric and frame, contributing to the aesthetics of the structure;
  • The presence of the floor and its type (the range includes different floor coverings);
  • Type of walls, which can be blind, sliding, with windows and entrance openings.

In addition, when ordering a tent for celebrations, you can choose the optimal additional equipment. This includes entrances, air conditioners, heaters, mobile bathrooms, lighting and furniture. Separately, tent company offers branding of awnings, tents and awnings for the celebration. This service will not only make the design unique. It will also become a business card, emphasizing the status of a company or organization holding a solemn event.

The advantages of tents, awnings and canopies for the holiday

The peculiarity lies in the fact that these are unique tents for parties and celebrations that fully meet the requirements of the client. However, each model has such advantages as:

  • The ability to install on any surface – both on a wooden platform and on the ground;
  • Aesthetic appearance and original design, suitable for a particular event;
  • The admissibility of expanding the area with the help of additional extensions to the main structure;
  • Convenience and ease of installation without special earthworks (the elements are easily fastened together);
  • Mobility, allowing multiple assembly and dismantling of the tent for transportation to another place;
  • Durability of the fabric and carcass, contributing to the durability of the event tent structure.

Renting and selling tents for events: your possibilities with Mobile Tent

Free consultations, which are conducted via chat and by phone, are not the only advantage of our company. When contacting the Pole Tent company to buy tents for events in the other cities of the American Federation or neighboring countries, you also get a number of other profitable opportunities of 20×30 tent for sale. These include the affordable cost of party tents, fast and reliable delivery, professional installation and warranty service.

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