How To Keep Your Wedding in Spain Chic And Dazzling

When most people hear the word, chic used alongside weddings in Spain, they automatically assume that the words classy and elegant go straight out the window. This is quite untrue. You can have a wedding that is all of those things and more in Spain. You just have to plan the right way.

When it comes to having chic Spain weddings, the secret is to take your regular wedding, swap out the traditions that you don’t value or understand and replace them with those that you do. That way, you’ll give your celebration lots of fresh air and spaces to include modern things. The result will be a wedding that is modern, fun and memorable. We give some examples of changes that you can put in place at your wedding in the following few paragraphs.

·  Go for A Non-White Wedding Gown or A Minimalist Gown

For the non-white option, you can wear a striped wedding dress or floral one. The idea is yours to play with really. Or how about a gown that is white but has clean lines and a minimalist design? Most weddings Spain avoid the cumbersome white wedding gown for practical reasons. It would be a danger hazard for a beach wedding ceremony under the sun. It would also be difficult to transport on the plane. So, go for a minimalist dress instead. Not only will it be easier to travel with your guests, you can dance and have a better time at your wedding with one.

·  Forgo the Bridal Party or Go for A Mismatched Bridal Party

Who says you have to have bridesmaids, a chief bridesmaid and the rest for weddings in Spain? You shouldn’t if you do not want to do so. If you, however, have too many friends to get away with not including them, outfitting them with various dresses is very chic. Have everyone pick styles and designs that fit them. The result will be something playful, elegant and chic. You can all go shopping together and get to have a nice time while bonding for your Spain weddings.

·  Skip the Blooms in Your Bouquet and Use Greenery Instead of Flowers

This is one way to have a literal fresh reception. Centerpieces with an overflow of greenery and arrangements of vines have become popular for weddings in Spain. The use of leaves and other lush green foliage alongside a bouquet free of blooms are a great way to go contemporary. They’ll look amazing and, in your pictures, and have your friends asking to know where they came from.

·  Let Your Wedding Flavors Be Interesting and Include A Late-Night Pizza Bar

Fuss-free things organized with quality treats and hors d’oeuvres, seasonal/locally sourced foods and perfect bites at the cocktail hour are the ways to go. Late-night snacks are also in theme for chic Spain weddings because dancing will definitely be fun and go on for a while. So, how about a late-night pizza bar? You and your guests can take breaks to enjoy some nibbles while still having a great time at your wedding’s late-night party.

You can have a sophisticated, fun and chic wedding celebration in Spain. All you have to do is work with the right vendors and have great ideas like the ones we’ve mentioned above. Best of luck!!!

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