Moments couple definitely wants to capture on wedding video

Wedding videography is a big responsibility that comes with a lot of stress. The easiest approach to decrease stress while capturing all the couple desires is to prepare the pictures and make sure you have the proper equipment shooting at the right resolution.

It is good for a wedding videographer to talk with the couple to get the information about the timeline of activities so that you can be in the correct location at the right time. Collaborate with them to create a list of key photos, and keep the list with you as you capture the happenings of the day. Wedding day events typically last all day.

A wedding photographer and videographer remains virtually occupied the entire day of the wedding. Most days are 12 to 15 hours long and jam-packed with activities. There is no way a videographer film and watch a 12-hour wedding video. Nobody has time for that. A one-hour feature film of the day is generally plenty for your cinematic wedding tale.

Here are the most important moments of the wedding day that a wedding videographer must add to your wedding film:

·        Wedding dresses and accessories:

Nowadays, couples often go to great lengths to obtain expensive gowns, tuxedos, and accessories. It’s always a hall of beauty on that day, from the bride’s dress to her shoes, jewellery, bridal bouquet, corsages, wedding rings, and so much more. Details of these items should be caught extremely well before the bridal train, and the couple begins getting dressed.

·        Getting ready for the day:

Wedding day keeps a euphoric sensation in the air when closest friends and family gather the bride as she carefully pins her hair and does her makeup. It is the time for filming the toasts, laughter, and tears in the minutes leading up to the “I do!”

In the mean, while the groom and his groomsmen also get ready for the big day, and it is also necessary to capture their buddy moments in the wedding video.

·        Walking down the aisle:

The wedding video remains incomplete without adding the grand entrance of the bride for exchanging vows. Have two cameramen for capturing the bridal walk down the aisle and the other for the groom’s reaction when he sees the bride for the first time is simply perfect.

·        Time to pronounce man & wife:

As the wedding service proceeds, one significant element that everyone always keeps an eye out for is the couple’s exchanging of vows. After all, the entire preparation is for that very moment when they vow to one other for the rest of their lives. A skilled wedding videographer knows how to capture those precious moments beautifully, pays close attention to the couple’s facial reactions, and looks for a few tears from the parents or guests.

·        The very first Kiss:

When the newlywed pair shares their first kiss as husband and wife, it is the time when they feel love in the air. This beautiful moment must be included in a wedding video. This is an important aspect of the wedding that no one wants to miss.

·        First dance:

Most wedding videos miss the first dance of the newlyweds, but the videographer’s task is to film this lovely moment when the bride and groom sway to their favourite song, which is playing softly for all of the guests to watch. The way the couple looks at one other during the dance and the facial reactions of the guests should be captured on film.

·        Few private moments of the couple:

The couple spends so much of the wedding day with loved ones, but a videographer must add few shots of private moments together.


Wedding day is full of happenings, emotions, and precious moments. A videographer has so much more to add to a wedding video, such as:

  • Ceremony site
  • Reception site
  • Tossing of the bouquet
  • Toasts
  • Party time
  • The exit

Planning your wedding in “Rapid City” and thinking of having a wedding video!

Discuss your ideas with an excellent videographer and make it certain that the above mentioned lovely elements of the wedding day must be captured. These activities are all crucial elements of the wedding. They should not be left out of your wedding film to create a genuinely beautiful wedding tale about your wedding experience.

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