Wedding Photography Session in Rainy Weather

Many people are ever worried about how to take wedding photos during a rainy season in Edinburgh. For this reason, it is recommended for the photographer to prepare adequately during the photo session.

The following are some for the things that the photographer is supposed to have in his kit:

Dome-shaped umbrella

The uniqueness of allows a little lit to filter on top without casting the photo. The photographer can also ask the bride about the tone of the wedding, and this allows unbelievable matching.


A collapsible reflector is the best one for a photographer since he can fold it to fit well in the preparedness kit for the photography also redirects some little amount of light back to the subject.

Plastic bags

Polythene bags fit well over a is advisable for the photographer to purchase a few plastic bags and keep them in the preparedness kit this will help in protecting the cameras and lenses from getting in contact with the raindrops since not all of them are waterproof. Therefore the photographer must be cautious when handling the photographing equipment during the rainy season.

Non-abrasive wipes

It is crucial for a photographer to carry anon abrasive wipes, especially when taking photos when it is a time raindrops may splash into the wedding photographers’ lenses when shooting the bride and the bridegroom which may interfere with the quality of the photos. In case this happens the best wedding photographer in Edinburgh can easily use the non-abrasive wipes to clean the lenses and also the camera.

Bright shower curtain

For the photographer to score gorgeous photos he can carry a clear shower curtain in the preparedness kit this can be used when the ground is wet or muddy for the bride to stand on during the wedding photo session.

Having the above photographing wedding tips during a rainy season in Edinburgh, the photographer can take high-quality photos for the wedding.

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