Why Couples Counseling is the Perfect Gift for a Newly Wed Couple

It’s said that a good marriage is something you make, not something you find (and I’m sure counselors agree). Unfortunately, most couples don’t even start considering marriage or couples counseling until several unhappy years into their relationship. If you’re considering what to give a newly wed couple, consider offering Scottsdale relationship therapy.

Build a Healthy Foundation

Many couples view counseling as a last resort instead of a healthy resource. But no relationship is free from disagreements, even the best ones. Learning how to manage conflict constructively can literally make or break your marriage. Instead of trying to undo years of unhappiness, why not build a solid foundation from the beginning? Effective couples counseling can ease or prevent marital problems especially when it’s incorporated early on.

A couples counselor can be a sounding board, a neutral observer or offer healthy advice on how to navigate life’s difficulties especially as a newly married couple. They can even show you how managing conflict in a healthy way can make your relationship stronger. When conflict or unmet expectations persist in a relationship without being resolved, the relationship (and the people in it) begin to suffer, shut down, or act out.

Problems Newly Weds Face

Marriage is not the same as a committed relationship and often involves different rewards and challenges. Unlike a committed relationship, in a marriage the need to repair and reconcile is much greater, with much more to lose. Common arguments many newly weds face involve combined finances and income, inlaws, time management, shared housework, and conflict resolution.

Creating a safe space to talk about these things with your partner before they turn into an argument is a great idea and will lead to a healthier relationship. A safe space can be something you both make together or it can involve a couples counselor. Either way, developing a healthy conflict style and starting these tough conversations early on will make these common arguments constructive instead of damaging.

Develop Healthy Habits

It’s safe to say, not everyone is keen on counseling. Oftentimes, that’s due to bad experiences from having waited too long before going, when the relationship has become toxic, and reconciliation is out of arm’s reach. Starting counseling early on, when the relationship is new and easy, allows a couple to get comfortable with the idea and contribute to more positive experiences. Going regularly, even in the beginning, forms healthy habits that will become resourceful if things get hard.

Guaranteed your newly wed friends will be more appreciative of the thoughtfulness of giving couples counseling, instead of that new airfryer. Investing in the health and happiness of a marriage is the perfect gift for every newly wed couple.

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