Things you should know about Moissanite before buying

Have you just started searching for your engagement or wedding ring?

Surely, you are already introduced to Moissanite, but it is unnecessary to buy it as a clueless buyer. It is essential to examine Moissionate as a gemstone while purchasing jewelry since it is unique in its own right. In this post, you will learn more about Moissanite gems. Here is all you need to know before buying Moissanite gems and jewelry:

·       Moissanite – An inspiration from the star world!


This is the most suitable word that exactly fits natural Moissanite as it is a very rare gemstone that can only be found in nature. From its discovery to its entrance into the jewelry industry, Moissanite is regarded as a gift from the stars. Henri Moissan, a French Nobel Prize-winning scientist, discovered natural Moissanite in 1893, making it one of the world’s rarest gemstones. He found numerous fragments of a hitherto unknown gemstone in the hole left by a meteor. When he first saw them, he assumed they were diamonds.

Fortunately, he discovered 11 years later that these jewels were composed of silicon carbide and not carbon. As a result, this particular form of silicon carbide has been referred to as Moissanite for many years now.

·       What is Moissanite cut?

Moissanite is evaluated only on its color, although the stone’s cut plays a vital role in enhancing the gemstone’s radiance. There are two different cuts to pick from, and within those two cuts, there are several various shapes. As a result, the stone’s characteristics are reflected differently in each cut and form.

Moreover, this stone can be cut in a brilliant cut, step cut, or a mixture of the two cutting styles. Moissanite’s optical characteristics are entirely different from those of diamonds. Thus it must be cut differently.

·       Carat size of Moissanite:

Despite its resemblance to diamonds, Moissanite is denser and hence heavier. Comparing Moissanites with diamonds of the same carat, Moissanites will seem smaller. Because of this, some vendors choose to measure Moissanite by carat weight, while others prefer to measure it by millimeters.

·       Sparkling of Moissanite:

This stone may seem like a diamond but has a significantly higher refractive index. This is what gives Moissanite its dazzling radiance and blaze. Sparkle is typically used to describe brightness, whereas fire describes multicolored sparkle in the jewelry business. Even though the glitter of Moissanite is similar to that of a diamond, the intensity of its fire is considerably greater.

·       Colors in Moissanite:

If you want to buy Moissanite, you can choose between three color categories:


  1. Indistinct: (D, E, and F): These colorless Moissanite gems are the most sought after.
  2. It’s almost colorless (G, H, and I): These gems command a higher price.
  3. Irregularly colored (J and K): When purchasing this Moissanite, it’s important to scrutinize the stone to ensure it doesn’t have any undesirable hues, such as brown, yellow, or green.

·       Durbility of Moissanite:

High-quality Moissanite is incredibly resilient and long-lasting. Despite its little softness, it should survive for decades or even longer if properly maintained. It is slightly softer than diamonds, so it will require some extra care to avoid scratches.


With this information, now you are more informed and well prepared to buy a Moissanite ring for your sweetheart. Hope this information has helped you learn more about Moissanite gems, and now you can easily find the ring of your dreams.


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