Adina Brunetti: Trend-Setting Events of Adina Creative Food

Here is an interview of the meeting of Adina Brunetti and her team, after which we learned how she managed to be number one for many years when she woke up famous and how she feels looking at the successful work of her colleagues.

Adina Brunetti’s works impress with their original solutions: she creates decorations not only for chic wedding celebrations but is also loved by celebrities who turn to her for decorating their parties. Famous clients include actors, politicians, and many others. In our interview, Adina Brunetti spoke about her approaches to work and decor trends for the following year.

Adina, you have been number one among decorators in Florida all these years. How do you manage to hold this position?

Adina: Until a particular moment, I imagined a certain milestone of success, after which I planned to take a break. And when it came to that point, I realized that everything was only at the beginning. The realization was prompted by a conversation with one client, to whom I arrived late on Sunday evening in the office. She told me: “Adina, you have acquired such resources and acquaintances that you are sailing on a ship of a completely different scale, but the journey does not end yet. You need to take steps. You can push off and develop further, even more powerfully.”

It’s no secret that you are a trendsetter, so celebrities often turn to you. Tell us about their most unusual wishes?

Adina: Every person, regardless of their status, wants to create an atmosphere of sincerity and comfort to hold their celebration in a comfortable environment surrounded by loved ones. Famous people have a very well-formed image, which helps in finding a direction for the decor concept. The famous persona often influences the style we end up choosing. Stars usually do not put forward strict requirements, trusting our vision. Such projects are very important to me because they help shape the taste preferences of a large number of people who trust the star choice.

Adina, tell me a secret – what trends will be in the 2023?

Adina: Very bold decisions will be relevant next year. Now the approach to the choice of locations to the formation of the structure of events is changing. Professionals move away from standard solutions but weave classics into it all. Next year, the emphasis will be placed not on decor but on the correct concept of the space itself, which includes, among other things, technical support. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of complete immersion in the concept of the celebration.

In the career of any professional, some kind of turning point projects happens, after which everything changes. Looking back, what are those projects in your work?

Adina: I realized one thing – everything in life is very cyclical. You take a number of steps; then you make a complete upgrade: new energy, new people, new format. Do not be afraid to change something in life with regular frequency. Our brand has evolved in stages, ascending. We work with scale, we create an atmosphere, but the style of work changes over time and takes on other forms. Over the years, we managed to form such an image that when people come to the event, they immediately understand that we designed it.

Was there such an event after which you woke up and realized that you were famous?

Adina: The moment when you open social networks and see a sea of ​​​​positive comments. It was the wedding of a famous Latin American singer. The pure word-of-mouth effect worked here. Her celebration inspired a huge number of people.

A painful question. People who come to work for you gain experience and information and then go on a free voyage. How do you perceive it?

Adina: Such a development of events is inevitable for any large company. If I don’t take people, nourish them with knowledge and experience, and then let them go, then the brand will cease to exist.

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