Ultimate guide how to prepare wedding guest list easily

The guest list is the basic thing in your wedding that determines the size of your venue and budget. We all know that the all invited guests will not join you on your big day. But you need to consider a significant number to determine the budget.

The guest list preparation is one of the very tricky parts of wedding planning. You need to consider a lot of things while preparing a wedding guest list. The guest list is not just important for budget but also for seating plan, catering, and venue selection are based on that guest list. The limited budget guest list will also help priorities your closest relation.

Go step-by-step through the entire process to obtain a clear picture of who you’re inviting to your event. So, here’s the perfect approach to producing your big event guest list.

·       Start with making the guest list:

Start your wedding guest list, including everyone you want to join your important day. To make it easy, consider guest name and relation with groom or bride.

  • Choose bridesmaid/ groomsmen
  • Parents
  • Close friends
  • Relative
  • Colleagues

You also need to figure out couples and kids to calculate the exact number of your guest.

·       Compare your budget with a guest list:

Your draft list should include every person whom you consider to be a part of your wedding. The second step is to consider how many guests your venue and seating plan can accommodate. What is the budget you need to add or delete from the wedding list?

·       Finalize your guest list:

Based on your budget and venue, you need to add or delete some guests. If your guest list has more guests than you can afford, you need to shortlist the most important guest. Check one by one guest and consider the importance. You may drop some of your ordinary friends and finalize the list.

·       Make your firm decision and send an invitation:

Just recheck your final list and consider if your budget and space allow you to delete or add a guest. Make your firm decision and start sending your invitation to selected guests.

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