Skip the Standard Issue Wedding: Unique Options Will Set Your Event Apart

The joining of two lives is truly a beautiful event. Family, friends, and acquaintances come together and mingle potentially making new friendships that will accentuate the new union. There is a standard recipe for a wedding that can become boring. The venue, ceremony, meal, and after-party are an opportunity for the couple to express their unique personalities rather than going with the choices that the masses select.


The couple should do preliminary online research to get an idea of what type of locations they prefer (i.e. church, event hall, hotel, etc.) Don’t just jump at the first space that looks nice and is reasonably priced instead, consider a unique wedding venue. Think outside the box! The couple should consider their tastes and passions and follow those leads to create lasting memories and provide their guests with a novel experience.


Everyone has heard the standard wedding march followed by the traditional vows ceremony. Boring! Create a personalized ceremony from start to finish with ease. First, select a favorite song to walk down the aisle to then work on the vows. The internet has a broad selection of options for those that don’t feel creative. Instead of a cookie cutter ceremony, these words will mean something more to the bride and groom.

Meal Selection

Wedding food can be hit or miss. One of the biggest complaints is that the food is cold or bland. Choosing the right menu and type of service will play a significant role in how well the meal turns out. Buffets are an ideal option because the food can easily remain hot more so that with a plated dinner service. Themed meals are a fun option along with an interesting dessert bar featuring plentiful candy, hot sundae fixings, or many varieties of cupcakes.

An After-Party Nobody Will Forget

After the couple is officially hitched and the meal served next comes the dancing. A live band or DJ are both traditional music options, but they can be made dynamic by choosing interesting music and lighting. An after-party where everyone is sitting is no good. Choose upbeat selections mixed with a handful of slow songs for variety. A few ideas of music that will keep the audience happy but not be more of the same old Top 40 hits are bluegrass, a decade theme (80’s or 90’s for example), and EDM. Party favors like glow sticks can add another level of excitement to the finale of the night.

Creating a memorable wedding doesn’t take much, the couple will remember their special day no matter how it is done. Many couples want to have their wedding stand out and be unique rather than blending in with standard festivities. Selecting an interesting venue, creating a personalized ceremony, offering a menu everyone will love, and dancing the night away can make a wedding more than just an event. The most important aspect is the happiness of the couple with their wedding.

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