How many weddings?  

Easily one of the funniest and nicest Rom-Coms around is the film Twenty seven dresses. It stars Katherine Heigi the once doyenne of these things, James Marsden as the usual love interest that make a mistake but tries to make it up to her and Malin Akerman as her twisted little sister.  The basic premise is that Jane is an uber organiser and deeply in love with her boss who she completely fails to make aware of this fact.  Jane is a very popular girl and she tries to accommodate all her friends even agreeing to be a bridesmaid at two weddings on the same day.  It’s here as she bumps into a wedding photographer and journalist called Kevin. He notices that she is at both and threatens to exposure her in a joking way and then helps her get back home sharing a taxi. He is against marriage whilst she is of the opposite opinion. She leaves her day planner in the taxi which as you can imagine drives uber organiser her in to meltdown. And that kids is the film.

To further make her life annoying it seems that her little sister Tess has managed to worm her way into her bosses’ affection and is pretending to be everything that she is not. Namely a Socially conscious Vegan. Matters are worse when later in the film they decide to get married and the guy covering the wedding is Kevin. Kevin asks to see all the bridesmaid dresses that she has.  She has kept all 27 as she fully intends to make all the people that she’s been a bridesmaid for to come to hers.  This is a huge collection but normally there are over 100 people at a wedding so for more Wedding Guest Dresses you could visit  Kevin sees a way out of his humdrum job writing wedding announcements by making a great story out the perpetual bridesmaid that Jane has become. And, oh look, she’s about to do it all over again with her sister marrying the love of Janes life.

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Jane and Kevin grow close and it seems as if Jane has found someone to settle with and start a relationship. Kevin has decided to pull his article, but it is too late and the editor of the paper decides to run the story as it is too good not to. Jane discovers this and leaves Kevin. She is so angry that she creates a PowerPoint presentation showing her sister up to be a liar that she is. Janes boss is angry and breaks the engagement. Jane tries kissing him but feels nothing. She quits her job saying she was only doing it because she loved him so it seems a bit pointless now. She rushed to a wedding that Kevin is at and tells him she loves him and she’s sorry. They get to together and get married a year later on a beach. As promised she has all her friends in the dresses. Nice film.


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