Great Lighting Can Transform Your Wedding Venue Perfectly

Wedding lighting is a lot more than throwing a few lights around the room and calling it all done. The right lighting can set the tone or mood for any event. Similarly, wrong dome lighting can actually kill the moment. Event lighting is the most important aspect of an event, so it should be executed carefully throughout as the most powerful tool. Too bright lights, or unnecessarily dim, or not so focused in on the required area can make the entire ambiance and photography of the event a disaster.

Importance of wedding lighting production:

Every venue has its own different lighting demands, and uplighting is not enough. A variety of fixtures with thoughtful design can transform an ordinary wedding venue into a fairytale world of imagination.

Wedding lighting productions require strategic placement of different lights around a venue to enhance walls, accent walls, columns, dance floor, sweetheart tables, or anywhere else you want to draw attention to. By blending lighting with different types of equipment can make it more resemble couples wedding theme and colors.

Wedding Up Lighting:

To enhance the entire room’s aesthetic appeal and illuminate certain elements, a particular lighting method is used called Wedding Up Lighting.” In this lighting, technique lights are placed on the ground, and these lights aim to project light at a particular object or off the wall. A focused beam of light is used to highlight a certain spot. This accent lighting is used to brighten up specific areas of the wedding venue.

To co-ordinate with the wedding’s overall color palette, colored lightings are used that can transform a plain venue into a picturesque reception. Changing the color scheme of wedding reception uplighting is another trick to change the atmosphere instantly. For example:

  • To create a romantic mood during dinner, soft and warmer light are used.
  • Disco-esque and bright colors glamorize the venue instantly for the dance floor.

Pin-spot Lighting:

This kind of lighting is used to create an elegant, high end, high contrast look by using a very narrow beam of light to focus specific elements to highlight them.

These extra spotlights allow the overhead lights in the room to be lowered to create a perfect ambiance.

Texture lighting:

This lighting kind adds ambient light and exciting patterns on the ceiling, walls, dance floor, etc. For a fully immersive theme, patterns can be matched to your event design choices. You can create texture lighting from wedding gowns, lace patterns, or wedding invitation design elements. This kind of lighting is also referred to as Gobo lighting, Altman lighting, Leko lighting, or source 4 lighting.

Choose the best option for wedding lighting production:

FM Event Production is the name of quality wedding lighting production that offers the latest quality uplighting design for the wedding reception. Not only this, but with FM Event Production, you can enjoy complete lighting productions that include:

  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Ellipsoidal Spotlight
  • Pin Spotlighting
  • Blisslight
  • Centerpiece lighting Discs
  • Monogram lighting

This variety of lighting by FM Event Production adds depth and personal touch to your event venue.

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