Eyes are most spellbinding piece of face and what lauds it more are eye lashes. A ladies’ strength, sparkle, energy or excitement everything can be seen through her eyes. Nobody is perfect but everybody is unique, and once in a while a smidgen of handy items can upgrade their excellence uncommonly. On the setting of eyelashes one can generally think that its engaging. The solitary dramatization young ladies appreciate is in their eyelashes so how about we appreciate this lash show with drama Llama. In any case, you can trust a brand that is mama ilama for the best eyelashes.

Lashes just not significantly enhance your beauty or look it also helps in preventing the damage of natural eyelashes from the chemicals in mascara and eyeliner. This aids in the healthier and voluminous growth of the eyelashes.

Drama Llama has achieved astonishing bundle of satisfaction with their restrictive assortment of eyelashes. You can discover whichever type and size you like.

  • Baby Llama magnetic lash
  • Everyday girl magnetic lash
  • Mama Llama magnetic lash
  • Party pant magnetic lash
  • Cat-eye magnetic lash
  • Wonderland magnetic lash
  • Sassy Llama magnetic lash

This cute and versatile range of collection is amazing but the most popular one is our baby and mama pair.

Mama Llama magnetic lash

Fabulousness of lash drama is seen in this product which is as amazing as it’s name. A spark of earthiness and glamour. This one with both sided trimming quality is present in a variety of 10mm to the longest 15mm lash.

Baby lash Llama magnetic lash

Baby lash includes cute bundles of fun which can be trimmed both sides and fit for all type of eyes. This lash drama range from 7mm to 11.5mm.

Amazing facts

  • These lashes are comprised of silk so you don’t need to stress over any creature mercilessness for your item.
  • Drama Llama is a name of value so they apply six magnets for better insight and toughness.
  • These goody pack incorporate all you will require; pair of eyelash with a container of attractive eyeliner
  • All of these lashes are here in two sided managing capacity with the goal that you can reuse them.
  • All type and states of eyes can utilize them without even batting an eye.
  • You can have a free trial!

Drama Llama is giving a wide scope of eye lashes that are appropriate for each event. They are extremely agreeable and adaptable. On the off chance that you need any help and direction with respect to application and item, you can unreservedly contact. Besides lash drama Llama have uncommon limits for their endorsers and customers.


Every woman who seeks for perfection can’t skip eyelashes in her whole beauty look. Although, there are so many different types of eyelashes which women love to wear, but among all, baby lash is the top most preferred one.

If you are worried about where to get these mama Llama is one stop shop for all your adorable lash treatment. Connect with them to avail the best services in town.


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