Considerations When Renting Items for a Wedding

We all know there is plenty of planning leading up to the big day. How many times have you searched the web for “Wedding rentals Springfield ma?” Probably more than you can count! Keep in mind that a wedding is a very specific type of event to hold. Keep some special considerations in mind when developing a list for rentals and purchases.

A Spot to Get Wed Comes First!

A spot to get wed comes first for most people. If you are getting married outside, a tent will be required. The desired components of one’s wedding will naturally determine the size of the building venue of tent required. Will there be things like a dance floor or a lot of tables and chairs? To you want a reception area to hang out somewhere, separate from the main area? This is the first part of the wedding planning puzzle to tackle. These are the initial questions to ask to determine venue size.

What Goes Inside the Spot?

This is where we get involved with the nitty gritty type of details. How many tables and chairs are required? What type of lighting and entertainment will be utilized? A lot of us live an entire lifetime without ever knowing how truly difficult the job of a wedding planner can be.

Should I Choose an All-in-One Source or Branch out?

Anybody asking this question has likely learned that most rental supply houses are more than willing to rent you all of your wedding needs! Of course, this is their business. Some of them offer a better economic deal on the whole package. Others might lag in ways that require the end user to choose different outlets. The truth is, certain services might be better for renting entertainment items (electronics like stereos, PA’s and lighting,) while a traditional wedding supplier will often offer great deals on everything else.

Stay Organized the Best that You Can!

Before contacting the rental company, get organized! Take notes on how much you’ll need of everything as discussed above. Don’t overlook any possible required item. If you are careful to pay attention to details, you should wind up with a collection of notes that you can reference for any item that the rental company might inquire about. This makes you seem like more of a wedding planner and less of a scatter-brained consumer!

Don’t Forget Event Insurance!

This is a great piece of advice! The rented items will come with their own form of insurance, but did you know that your actual event itself could benefit from a policy? What if weather, an act of God or something else prevented your big day from happening? What about all of those existing liabilities still outstanding? This sort of policy will often assist the consumer with handling those outstanding liabilities so that they can re plan, and have the money, to hold the event again.

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