The right size of your perfect cut moissanite wedding ring

Moissanites are the most popular diamond alternatives, and they look amazing in custom ring design. Most of the companies create moissanite in standard shapes and sizes only. Still, now you can also get a variety of designed moissanite rings with custom cut centre stone with through Harro.

Let’s discuss some essential factors to look while selecting the perfect cut moissanite for you:

Ring designs:

When you choose a diamond for your wedding ring, pricing plays a significant role to select the right ring design. For instance, you may love a round brilliant cut diamond most but found that the round cut is costly and not in your range. Moissanite gives you great freedom to select a large centre or even a more intricate design with extraordinary finishing. With moissanite wedding bands, you are free to pick huge designs without sacrificing on the quality of design and final looks of the ring. You have so many options to choose from whether they are special halo designs or three-row pave bands for a moissanite ring.

Size of stone:

How big is too big? Is a common question regarding the size of gemstone you pick for your wedding ring. The simple answer is that no stone is too big if it is what you or your partner wishes for. But as you know, a big stone appears even more significant on a small hand and vice versa. When it comes to how the ring appears on the side, there is no right or wrong rule. In the end, all depends upon the appearance desired by the wearer.

Overall ratio and exact measurement of gem:

Initially, it is best to select the desired size of the centre and decide whether you want an elongated shape or wish it to be squarer. If you are searching moissanite ring for a surprise birthday gift or anniversary gift, then consider the personal style of your partner. Generally, a smaller stone size looks more desirable while people who show love for glamour and extravagance like to dream a larger centre stone.

Cut of moissanite:

After deciding the exact ring design and overall measurement with gem shape now, it is the time to think about your ideal centre stone shape. You can also choose from the oval, emerald, cushion, pear, and radiant cuts. Always keep in mind that what shape looks more appealing and what will appear most flattering in your hand. Precise cuts and settings create the illusion of a large centre stone also as round moissanite creates the appearance of a large stone in comparison to equivalent carat weights in alternative cuts.

What metal suits your moissanite the most?

Usually, a bright metal band, such as 18k white gold or platinum, can enhance the sparkle of the gem by reflecting light through the centre stone. While the other metals like 18k yellow gold or rose gold also give a unique appearance to your wedding ring.

Elemental Bands:

At Elemental Bands, you will observe passion for creating sustainable and ethical jewellery at a fantastic price point. You can find the most beautiful range of moissanite, lab-grown diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The tireless efforts form Elemental Bands provide you best moissanite rings possible.

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